The Rise and Fall of Social Media Platforms.

Since its inception, the internet has played a pivotal role in connecting people across the globe, including in remote locations. While the foundational need for human connection hasn’t changed, platforms and technology continue to evolve, even today. Faster internet connections and mobile devices have made social networks a ubiquitous part of our lives, with the time spent on social media each day creeping ever upward.

Over the last 15 years, billions of people around the world have jumped onto the social media bandwagon – and platforms have battled for our attention spans by inventing (and sometimes flat-out stealing) features to keep people engaged. This entertaining video, from the Data is Beautiful YouTube channel, is a look back at the rise and fall of social media platforms – and possibly a glimpse at the future of social media as well.

Points of Interest
1. What is QZone?
2. LinkedIn has been around for a long time…
3. Will Facebook ever lose its top spot?
4. What Happened to Snapchat?
5. Why is TikTok so popular now?

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