A breaf look at the rising of new technology and how they will potentialy changhe our “not so far” future.

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Few days ago, I was looking form something interesing about new technology over IT world and this article from OnePlus Forum caught my attention. I realize we’re at the beging of a possible new revolution and probably we’re not yet able to evaluate the real impact it will be for our lives.
We all probably hear very often words like 5G connection anche IoT (Internet of Things) but the question is: What really we’re talking about ? Let’s try to go a little bit deeper into these interesting arguments driven by Wissou’s acticle and see what these acronimous means.

5G can send data to and from as many as a million devices per square kilometer, compared to 100,000 devices per square kilometer using today’s 4G networks. When those devices are not just smartphones and tablets, but also industrial sensors, wearables, medical devices and vehicles, businesses and governments can provide services and capabilities that were never before possible. While we may not see these applications in the short term, the infrastructure for them is being deployed and will continue to roll out over the next several years. 5G isn’t just a network. Many believe it will become the foundation of an entire ecosystem of fully connected intelligent sensors and devices. Here are a few ways 5G and IoT will bring new ways to interact with our world.

Smart Cities

5G and IoT have real potential to create smart city networks on which new applications and services can enhance the lives of citizens. For example, in an IoT-equipped city powered by 5G, sports fans driving to a sold-out game could receive real-time notifications of available parking locations while they’re en route. Integrating video analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) could result in adjustments to traffic signals and traffic flows, reducing congestion and travel times. Minimizing the time cars idle at red lights could save time and frustration while increasing safety and lowering pollution by reducing peak traffic on roadways.

Connected Vehicles

I’m a Tesla fan, so I can see how 5G could change the Tesla fleet and improve the mesh network created by the fleet. It could create more efficient, safe and autonomous vehicles. We can imagine that the future of autonomous cars is a system where not only the car detect the environment, but also communicate with other cars in that environment. It would transform the way cars are, instead of being a singular point on the road, cars would become a bees, working together to achieve a common goal: driving as efficiently and safely as possible from point A to point B.
It also help with the cost of owning a car, at least one insurer already offers discounts to drivers who, based on data from an onboard monitor, drive their cars safely. Repair facilities could similarly track the condition of the oil in a vehicle’s engine, proactively notifying the owner of the need for service and tapping the calendar in their smartphone to schedule such service.

Connected Healthcare

That’s the thing I’m most patronage about as I work in clinical diagnostic: 5G’s faster network speeds and reduced latency could allow doctors to adopt remote medical services and procedures, such as sharing large digital images to remote areas and performing remote robotic surgery. Surgery by 5G !!! This is just mind blowing!!!
5G would also save lives its bandwidth allows large files, such as those generated by PET scanners, to be quickly transported to specialists for emergency remote consultations. Wearable health monitor engages patients increasingly, and adding a physician input on the gathered data, it will only improve the patient’s interaction with the device and its health.
Many believe this is just the beginning of a technological revolution that uplifts and empowers people to be healthier, happier and more productive.

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Many Thanks to One+ Brand Ambassador Wissou for the brilliant writing.