IMN The New Europen Marketplace Network.

If you think Amazon is the only way for eCommerce and Marketplace, we have good news that may change your mind.

The International Marketplace Network (IMN) is now available in a beta for you. (Germany) with Cdiscount (France), EMAG (Romania) and ePrice (Italy) has established a market place network for retailers to make international sales on independent marketplaces possible and easy. Sellers (new one or already registerd) now may easly access to all the marketplace platforms and push their offers to over 230 million potential new customers without no additional costs except for the one they already pay as standard regular commissions.

The IMN alliance, starts from a baseline of 30,000 professional sellers and as Leonardo Costa (Head of Eprice marketplace and Chairman and Member of the Supervisory IMN Board) say in a recet interview “The main objective is to offer them new opportunities to increase business. The IMN initiative is complementary and not in competition to the large American marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, considering the coverage will be wider in countries like Romania where today neither eBay nor Amazon are present.”

if you want to read more about IMN visit IMN Site